Print With Molecular Precision

Space Foundry Inc.

Space Foundry Inc. is a hardware startup based in Silicon valley, founded by a team of scientists and engineers. We have developed an innovative materials processing and direct write printing technology for advanced manufacturing. Our unique printing technology allows multi material printing with tailored material characteristics.

Our Vision
Enable smart manufacturing of next generation electronic devices 

Our Mission
We believe that Space Foundry’s technology will have a dramatic impact on the progression of printed electronics and represents a coming paradigm shift in performance and capability. Space Foundry aims to disrupt the printed electronics equipment industry and expects to have launched a product that will outperform conventional technologies and have established a strong market position and recognized brand.

Products and Services
We sell multi-material printing equipment for R&D groups in corporates, federal labs and universities. Currently we are selling stand alone printers. We will be offering contract development service and short run manufacturing in late 2020.  Our goal is to minimize learning curve for the customers and accelerate time to market of the product being developed by corporates doing innovation and manufacturing.