Dr. Dennis Nordlund

CTO, Co-Founder

Print With Molecular Precision

Dr. Ivan Dimov

Jason Safaverdi
Electrical Design & Test Engineer 

Dr. Ram Prasad Gandhiraman

CEO, Co-Founder


Ivan is entrepreneurial, PhD engineer specializing in electronics and bio-micro-systems. He co-founded two high-tech companies and two R&D Centers.  He was a visiting instructor at School of Medicine, Stanford University.

 Pranay Doshi
Control & Systems Engineer

Space Foundry Inc.

 Arlene Lopez
Product & Process Engineer 

Prof. Stephen Daniels

Stephen is Executive Director of the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Electronic Engineering at Dublin City University.  He has spent time working at Philips Research, IMEC and  Applied Materials.

Ram worked as a staff scientist at Universities Space Research Association and served as a principal investigator of plasma processing lab at NASA Ames Research Center where he developed the printing technology. 

Email: ram@spacefoundry.us

Ivica Tolic

Lead Product Engineer 

Space Foundry was founded by a team of scientists and engineers, Ram Prasad Gandhiraman (NASA Ames Research Center), Dennis Nordlund (Stanford University) and Fergal O' Moore (Semiconductor capital equipment industry). Our direct write printing technology was developed jointly by NASA Ames Research Center and Universities Space Research Association (USRA). Space Foundry has licensed the technology, from NASA & USRA, originally developed for space missions and commercializing for terrestrial applications. We are working with universities, federal labs and corporates to accelerate product and application development.

Dennis worked as a staff scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory  and collaborated with NASA (Ram) over the past 5+ years on the R&D .  He develops, manages and executes state-of-the-art photon science experiments at SLAC.


Email: dennis@spacefoundry.us